April 2009

Here are some useful links to follow the Swine Flu:

Type Swine Flu on Google Map



You would like to have access to your files from any computer or have your students upload their assignments online, or even better share your documents with other biology teachers.
In a few minutes you can do it for free and you can even decide who you would like to share your files with.

Simply click on this link to install the Dropbox software on your PC or laptop. When you have installed and created your account, Dropbox woks just like any other folder on your computer, you can now create folders where you can simply copy and paste any documents that you would like to keep online.

Feedreader is an open source.
It reads, collects, filters and then sends the organised web content to you.
You will have up-to-date news at your fingertips any time you want, without having to skim through any excess information before finding the vital content.
Feedreader is the perfect tool to stay in touch with your favorite websites, like my blog..!

Click on  What’s RSS to learn more.

Carl Zimmer’s Blog

Excellent lecture on parasites from Jim McKerrow, courtesy of FORA.TV.

Now with data loggers (ie LoggerPro Vernier, Pasco, etc) installed on your PC, you can continue an experiment even when the Bio class is over. The results will be stored on your PC.
You can also place a webcam to continuously watch your experiment progress whenever you want.

Go to Webcamfirst download and install the free software.
Have fun.