It is always interesting for students to link a section of the syllabus with a real life application.
In the french blog from journalist Valérie Bord we learn that 80% of all medical isotopes used around the world are produced by just two nuclear reactors.
One is installed in Canada and the other one is in The Netherlands.
The problem is that those two reactors are getting old: the first reactor was built in 1945, and the other one in 1961. The prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, decided in 2008 to abandon the maintenance of the reactor leaving the world with little option but to replace it.

It is worthwhile to point out to the students the importance of those nuclear reactors  that are producing medical isotopes as opposed to electricity.

Here is a nice post on the blog of Bob LeDrew on the same issue with an interesting point of view from Dr. William Leiss including a possible solution.