I received a comment  on my blog! Here is my answer to her question. Please feel free to add more resources.

We are getting more and more IB Biology textbooks on the market and maybe it would be a good thing to make a check list starting with the best ones:

#1: Biology for the IB Diploma, by  C. J. Clegg, Hodder Education

Based on the new syllabus.

#2: Biology 7th Edition, by Campbell and Reece,  Pearson

More than a textbook.

#3: Biology for the IB Diploma 2e edition, Andrew Allot, Oxford University Press

An excellent IB Biology study guide.

#4: Biology by Rita Ghalayini.

She has everything.

#5:  Senior Biology 1 and 2, Biozone.

Nice diagrams, and a lot a questions to prepare students for Paper 2.

Wiki books

IB Biology Review Guide

Textbooks online

Human anatomy


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